Domain name reservation & acquisition

The first step in order to have a website is the domain name. The domain name can be chosen from a large variety of terminations like .com, .eu,  according to the needs of the company. For a company based in uk we will generally chose a name like

We will advise you for the right domain name, buy it and make sure it has all the settings necessary for the website and the e-mail accounts.

Website Hosting

Once you have a domain name it will require a physical space where all the files for the website and e-mail will be stored. This is called “Hosting” . 

We offer reliable hosting on our private servers so we can always make sure the web services we provide for your company are 24/7 with 100% uptime.

E-mail Accounts

An important part of your business, the e-mail account will be in the format , hosted on our private servers or using google or yahoo servers. It is important to have a personalised e-mail address mainly because it shows the seriosity and commitment of the company.

SSL Secure Sockets Layer - for website security

There are a lot of reasons for using SSL encryption for the websites, mainly because nowadays almost all websites have it and it will become a must. SSL helps securing the traffic between the website and the user making it less attackable by malware. It also makes the website more trustworthy

Website Security

Our team will make sure all the data in the website is secured and all the acces gates to the website’s core are password and re-captcha protected. By constantly updating the website’s core we will make sure it is protected.

Website Maintenance

Depending on the need of your company and the website, we can provide maintenance services to suit all of your needs. The maintenance for a website includes the constant updates for the core systems, re-optimisation at scheduled times, page & article update and cleaning and many other like e-mail account creation & installation, SSL key management, domain name management and many more.

Please contact us for any inquires. We will be more than happy to respond and find a solution.