How can an search engine optimization (SEO) campaign help your online business?

Whether you have a new business online, whether you already have a few years experience, there are certainly a lot of things you haven’t discovered yet. Things that can help your business grow and become more than a result in Google. That‘s why our team is ready to share a lot of secrets that can differentiate between a routine business and a successful one.

Why is Search Engine Optimisation so important to a business?

A good SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) will cover all the basics your website will have to achieve in order to be visible on the internet, tending to the first places on the search engines.

For a good SEO campaign we will have to start with creating a “Battle plan” in which we will define exactly what we want to achieve ( we will have to define a few keywords for which the website will be optimized ) . 

Once we know what keywords we want to promote for the search engine we will start optimizing your website by making sure everything is where it is supposed to be and has all the necessary requirements  ( for example all images must have a header and a description, all linking to your image identity , the same for all the pages, blog posts and every appearance on the web , all the images must be optimized for fast loading and for the best view an all sorts of media  ) 

Once we are confident the the website is well optimized for all the search engines we will start manually subscribing it to all the relevant websites and web portals  . This will generate relevant traffic quite rapidly .

Part of our SEO Campaign will be integrating the social media part of your company by creating posts relevant to our promoted campaign linking to the website.

We can always integrate paid campaigns like google add-words, Facebook campaigns and create the best strategy for achieving the best goals with our keywords.

Search Engine Optimization is a constant process in which we allays try to be one step ahead the search engines and try to position our costumers on the highest ranks.